Reintroduction: Veggies, Dairy, & Wheat

If you’ve been following so far, you know that I’ve finished the first three weeks of the hypoallergenic diet. I’ve been in the reintroduction phase for the past two weeks. I thought this was going to be the easier part. It isn’t. In the first phase, I was following a set of guidelines, aside from knowing that I have groups to introduce, there’s no set guidelines on what a reaction is, so I just have to pay extra attention to any changes in my body or symptoms I develop. I’m afraid that I’ll have to say goodbye forever to a food group I love (especially dairy, wheat, egg, sweeteners). So it’s been a bit of an emotional journey too.

There are 16 groups to introduce and I have to eat the reintroduced group twice a day for three days straight and monitor my symptoms. If I react, I’m supposed to exclude the food group until I’ve reintroduced all other food groups and then reintroduce again. 16X3 = 48. That’s at least 48 days of reintroduction and more if I have a reaction and have to reintroduce again. Before introducing anything I spend time thinking about what to reintroduce first (I get to choose both the group and the order).

During my last weekend of the restricted diet, I really missed cupcakes (funny thing is, I rarely have them) but I had this immense craving for sweets and cupcakes came to mind. When I looked up vegan cupcakes, they required sweeteners and I couldn’t have sweeteners yet, so my cupcake would have to wait. I missed pizza too, so I decided I’d reintroduce based on ingredients in pizza and in cakes.

Veggies:  Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Peppers, Potatoes

Tomato sauce. Soups. Stews. Before even introducing this group I missed cooking with tomatoes and mushrooms. These are always part of my shopping list. My first meal was brown rice rotini pasta with a tomato sauce including:  zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and onions. It was my first time using brown rice pasta and it was a little tricky getting it cooked just right – first it was al dente, then it was a bit overcooked. If at first you don’t succeed, try again right? 🙂


Yogurt – one of my favourite snacks, I can’t believe I went as long as I did without this one. I also missed cheese – especially cheese and crackers or cheese on toast.  However, since I didn’t introduce any gluten breads (and I couldn’t buy gluten-free breads – it was either the price or an ingredient).

I went a little crazy here, I had an individual cup of balkan yogurt and three slices of cheddar from a 250g block for my morning and afternoon snack for two days. I felt stomach pains at the end of each of the two days so I decided I’d stop with dairy. I’m still hoping this is a one time thing and when I reintroduce again, I’ll be fine. I sound like I’m in denial right?  I’m leaning towards wishful thinking (dairy is in most desserts and breads that I like).  Next time around, I’m going to introduce organic milk instead of yogurt. Although I don’t like drinking milk, I’ll give it a go.


Toast. Pizza. Pita. I bought a half loaf of country grain (sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, millet, barley flakes, oat flakes, rye flakes and whole wheat goodness) from Cobs. I was so hungry after grocery shopping I couldn’t resist helping my self to a slice during my commute home. It was so fresh, so soft, moist. Yum. When I got home, I spread almond butter on a slice and I cherished every bite. That night, I felt pain in my stomach on the first night but talked to my doctor who suggested I continue for another two days and I felt fine afterwards. Few days later however, I bought two whole wheat sandwich buns and I’m embarassed to admit but I ate them both within the span of a few hours – and my head felt funny – like how it feels when I have caffeine. Yeah, I’ll never do that again.Reintroduction: Veggies, Dairy, & Wheat

What are your thoughts?

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