Reintroduction: Eggs, Shellfish, & Caffeine

By the end of this month, I should be done my reintroduction.  YAY!!  I had no idea when this started it would last for this many weeks.  I was expecting about 5-6 weeks when I started.  Only after doing the math for both the elimination (phase I – 21 days) + reintroduction (phase II – 16 groups X 3 days) did it occur to me that it could be at least 21+48=59 days until I would get it all done.

Luckily there were no surprises for me during the reintroduction of eggs, shellfish, and caffeine.  I missed eggs.  Mostly because there are more baked good options available to me if I can have products with eggs in them (don’t get me wrong, the vegan cookies were delicious!).  I also missed having dumplings and eggs are a great binder.


I decided to keep things simple and made a side dish of steamed eggs.  I didn’t really want to make anything else (it was a hectic week) so I had steamed eggs with most of my meals except for one where I had a bacon, egg and toast sandwich.  After a while, I got kind of sick of steamed eggs.


When it came to shellfish, I went straight for shrimp.  This may sound weird, but after not having shrimp for a few months (and not touching raw shrimp), I was a little repulsed at the sight of it cooking in the pan – weird right?  I know, I’ve eaten shrimp all my life.  I got over it after it turned from grey to orange.

I kept it real simple: shrimp stir fry with soy sauce/garlic/green onion and paired it with brown rice and steamed greens.  That has been what most of my reintroduction cooking has been like: brown rice, steamed veggies and the reintroduced food item.

I also finally had pork and shrimp dumplings – my absolute favourite dumplings to eat out and to make.  Although I haven’t gotten back to making them in the kitchen just yet.


When I was avoiding caffeine, I felt it was hard to say no to tea if it was offered to me, especially at Chinese restaurants.   I reintroduced tea by way of Pu’erh, Oolong and Jasmine (three days, twice a day) and now I am back on the tea wagon.  I had at least two thermos (480ml) of tea a day during the reintroduction and well the habit has stuck with me so far (weekdays at least).

2 thoughts on “Reintroduction: Eggs, Shellfish, & Caffeine

  1. Hello! I came upon your blog when looking up on things regarding Eva Redpath’s BCBD class, and read that you have been attending her classes twice weekly for a year and a half. Im in my mid twenties and for the last year have been non-stop schooling = no exercise. With pretty much 0 experience with exercising, horrible coordination, and no dancing background, would you say her class would be worth the investment and do-able for a total beginner? Thank you in advance for your opinion and best of luck with your diet endeavors!

    1. Hello JT!
      Thank you for visiting my blog. The short answer to your question is: Definitely, hands down great investment.
      Although I come with a dance background, I wouldn’t ever call myself “fit” (even when I was dancing), I hadn’t danced in about 6 years (ever since highschool) and I had put on some weight and was feeling very self conscious. I ended up joining Eva’s classes with my good friend. Looking back now, we probably spent more time talking then exercising when we had a gym membership. She was in the same position as you (no dance background, no coordination), but she’s doing fine and I’m sure you would too.
      As a complete beginner myself, I was hesitant about joining, my main concerns were:
      1) would this be too hard? (would I have to do push ups?)
      2) would I be the only one struggling?
      1) I found that the class was challenging. Especially the first couple of classes. When you haven’t been active in a while, physical activity is going to feel so foreign to you among other things (burning lung sensation, sore muscles, and heavy breathing). As long as you come with an open mind, hoping to make the change to a more active you, you will surprise yourself.
      2) After joining, I learned that we all come from different backgrounds and are at different fitness levels but we all want to incorporate some fitness activity in our schedule that we might not otherwise make time for in our busy lives.
      Eva explains everything we do in class before we do it and in great detail. She also calls steps out as we go along so even if you don’t remember it all you can always follow along.
      Reading your comment, reminded me a lot of myself when I started. I definitely encourage you to join an 8 week session – it’s going to sound like a long time (It did to me), but the weeks fly by and you’ll be happy you made the investment in yourself.
      If you have any questions for Eva, feel free to email her as well – that’s what I did before joining. Her email is:

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