Reintroduction: Bananas, Dried Fruits, Strawberries and Corn


I love bananas. I knew when I had to give up bananas it would also mean giving up banana bread.  I don’t bake much but one of my favourite things to eat and make is banana bread.  When I was in the elimination phase, I missed the convenience of having a banana on the go as a quick breakfast or snack.  When it came to reintroducing, I had bananas sliced with my brown rice cereal, as a snack on it’s own, and I made banana bread with dairy free chocolate chips (PC semi-sweet chocolate chips).  It was good.  Confession:  I ate all of it except for three slices I gave to my boyfriend and co-worker.  It’s a really dense bread with strong banana taste (used about 5-6 bananas). Here’s the recipe I turn to time and time again “Banana Banana Bread” by Shelley Albeluhn.

Dried Fruits

I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of dried fruits, so I turned to something I had before the diet started.  Inari Organic Prunes.  They are the best prunes I’ve ever had, not too sticky and not too dry.


My friend got me Amish Strawberry jam so for the first couple of days I had strawberry jam on whole wheat toast.  Peanut butter and jam on whole wheat toast used to be my default breakfast on the go for the stressful mornings when I’m running late for work and there’s no time to sit and have cereal.


I remember seeing many products with corn ingredients (for example, cereal) but when it came to reintroducing corn I didn’t really know how I wanted to incorporate it.  Since introducing a new food every three days was requiring a lot of grocery trips (time and money), I wanted to make my reintroduction as simple as I can, so I decided instead of building my meals around corn.  I decided I’d just add a few tablespoons of corn to my salads.  Only after reintroducing corn for three days did I remember that I could’ve also made some popcorn. It’s funny how when I couldn’t have popcorn, I craved it but now that I can have it, I am not going out of my way to have it and haven’t had it yet.  My focus has been mainly on the food groups that I have to reintroduce.

What are your thoughts?

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