Wrap-up of 2010: 21 Day Challenge and reintroduction diet

This post has been a work in progress.  I wanted to wrap-up what happend last year before going forth with this year’s new challenge.  Last year, alongside the 21 day Challenge, I also did an Elimination Diet that was recommended by my Naturopath.  Since the 21 Day Challenge was a lot of fun, I have decided to do it again this year.

The Elimination Diet lasted until the second week of June but at the end of it, my Naturopath and I didn’t have any concrete answers to my symptoms since we couldn’t make a clear connection between what I was eating and what I would occasionally feel.  During the reintroduction phases of the diet, I had made mistakes when I felt a symptom, sometimes I didn’t wait long enough before reintroducing another food group (eager to finish + didn’t know that something I was feeling really counted as a “reaction”) or I reintroduced something with an ingredient that shouldn’t have been introduced yet, or I ate something that causes common digestive discomfort (legumes, cabbage).  I also remember being told that we can have reactions anywhere from after we eat a meal and up to 2 days after – After having 6 meals and snacks, it’s pretty hard to isolate which meal and which ingredient for that matter could be the cause of my symptoms.

I was relieved when the diet was over and sort of disappointed since we didn’t come to any concrete answers.  My ND suggested I had two options: I could take a break and attempt the diet again (we could’ve missed something) OR pursue another route.  I decided I wanted to try something else as it had been 6 months at that point.  My ND suggested the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach.  After answering a series of questions, she determined that I have a damp cold spleen and stagnant chi in my stomach. We ended up having acupuncture treatments on a regular basis up until I went on my vacation in September.  After which my treatments came to an end because my ND also took a long term leave when I came back.  Life happens right? 🙂

Update:  I’m actually not doing too bad, I know I still have some changes to make to bring myself back to some of the healthy habits I established early on last year but fell out of routine after my vacation.  Other than that, the focus will be more on getting back to my old routine and incorporating some new habits.

What are your thoughts?

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