Week 2: Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge

This post is part of a series “2011 Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge” which focuses on sharing my experiences during the six weeks of this event. To read about the challenge, or to follow our progress click on the 21 Day Challenge Website.

Looking back at Week 1, the hardest part was probably the first day – knowing that it marks the end to my chocolate feasting. I kept seeing this one chocolate bar on the first day and decided to finally hide it until I could give it away (which I did, the next day). Since then, it’s been pretty good. At the end of my first week, my spirits were high, I was feeling really proud that the first week flew by and I managed to eat and make most of my meals (I made cabbage rolls last sunday!) and kept up with the healthy snacking.

I don’t feel like I’m craving anything anymore. I attribute this to eating breakfast in the morning (not at work but at home) and regular snacking (nut bars, apples, oranges, blueberries) between my meals. Instead, I’m either hungry, very hungry or full. And I try to avoid the very hungry. One day this week, I had a training session in another building then the one I work in and I had left my snacks at my desk. The training room only had pastries so I didn’t touch any. When I got back to my building, I was lightheaded (5 hours had passed since breakfast) and had my snacks right away. I felt better after but will try to make sure I always have some snacks on me for times like that.

I’m really loving lemon water. At the start of the week I slice up a lemon and just grab a slice everytime I fill up my mug with water. I started having it last week but this week I’ve been trying to have it first thing in the morning before breakfast. It’s been hard for me to do this because I usually don’t get up early enough to do both. I’m going to try to get up earlier next week so I can have lemon water and my breakfast at home.

Meditation has been mixed for me, I kept procrastinating with it and finally decided one night that I was going to go to bed early to do it. When I started picturing the light by my body, I was having a hard time focusing because the image in my mind of myself didn’t look like me and I started to get distracted by that instead of focusing on what was being said. Finally I managed to focus on her words and then before I knew it, the recording was done and I was dozing off. haha

Since I’m not snacking on chocolate, chips or cake, I’ve been eating nut bars. One of my favourite snacks are Taste of Nature bars. My favourites are Quebec Cranberry Festival, Brazillian Nut fiesta and California Almond Valley. They are (sweetened with agave nectar and brown rice syrup. You can find them at grocery stores and health food stores.

My biggest hurdles right now are journalling and meditation, it’s really easy to procrastinate on both of these but I’d like to break that habit. I’m hoping to see some progress in this area this coming up week.

What are your thoughts?

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