Week 3: Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge

This post is part of a series “2011 Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge” which focuses on sharing my experiences during the six weeks of this event. To read about the challenge, or to follow our progress click on the 21 Day Challenge Website.

This week was a tough one.

I started off with a lot of enthusiasm but kind of lost my steam. It’s hard to pinpoint why I was feeling so drained but I think I had a busy weekend that I didn’t quite recover from which left me feeling like I was really behind on things.

Due to Lunar New Year Celebrations on Thursday night with my family. I changed this week’s Thursday night class to Tuesday night so I ended up having class two nights in a row (Monday and Tuesday) and I felt really good to have gotten two good workouts in right at the start of the week. Since Tuesday, I couldn’t get myself out of bed in the mornings in time to eat breakfast at home (a ritual, I’ve realized, really does set the mood for the rest of the day for me). For most of the week, I was eating breakfast at my desk at work. So instead, of the quiet, comfortable mornings where I review my goals for the day and eat at a relaxed pace, I was instead eating at my desk at work. 😦

I remember on Wednesday, thinking to myself, I needed to stop giving reasons to feel bad for myself – 3 days in and I could feel myself wonder whether I’d get out of this funk.  The only regimen I’ve been able to keep up with on most days is having lemon water throughout the day (haven’t yet gotten up early enough to have this before eating breakfast – adding this to next week’s goals).

This evening, I decided to turn around this past week and finish off with a positive note.

One of the keys to my success in my first two weeks was that I got up early and reviewed my goals in the morning and periodically throughout the day. I would do this to kind of just check in on my progress and remind myself of what my goals were and whether I was doing everything I could to achieve them for the day. (I have a agenda with me that I write my goals for the week in). This past week, I didn’t write my goals in my agenda because I forgot about this new habit altogether until tonight.

What are your thoughts?

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