Week 4: Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge

This post is part of a series “2011 Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge” which focuses on sharing my experiences during the six weeks of this event. To read about the challenge, or to follow our progress click on the 21 Day Challenge Website.

This weekend, I had my first cupcake since before the challenge started. I picked a couple up from Bunners (vegan/gluten-free cupcake shop in The Junction ). Red Velvet and Vanilla! Although gluten-free, they didn’t taste any different to me then regular wheat cupcakes. They didn’t have the “beany” taste and I enjoyed every bite. Thinking back, the last time I had one was four weeks ago in Kensington Market at Miss Cora’s. At that time, I remember feeling a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to have them (for those days when I need a pick me up). This was a personal choice of mine to avoid the things I was craving and indulging in the most (cakes, chips, chocolate). As for chocolate and chips, I haven’t touched them. I do see them when I go to the grocery store or at work but I’m not missing them. So I’m happy to report that I am not using food to deal with stressful moments.

This past week, I am feeling a lot better than in the prior two weeks because for most of it I managed to hit most of my goals (weekly meditation, supplements, lemon water before breakfast, preparing most of my meals and having breakfast at home). I believe that I was more successful with my goals this week because I reviewed them regularly (at least daily) and was journaling more often.
I will be adding a few more goals for the final two weeks just to make things a little more challenging for myself.

Adding pushups and tricep push up’s to my daily exercise routine.
Increasing my veggie intake.
Having protein at every meal.
Decreasing white carbs.
The last one will be the most challenging for me but as long as I have enough variety in my meals I don’t think I should be missing anything.

What are your thoughts?

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