Week 6: Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge

This post is part of a series “2011 Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge” which focuses on sharing my experiences during the six weeks of this event. To read about the challenge, or follow the participants progress click on the 21 Day Challenge Website.

This was the last week and it has probably been the worst week yet.  I had a good sunday but I was eating out more often (lots of white carbs) this week and so I’m feeling the nasty effects of it.  What made matters worse was I also found myself eating my dinners very far apart from my lunch and not snacking or drinking enough.  All in all, a bad week.  The upside is, at least I’m aware of these bad decisions and will try to change them this coming up week.  Yes, even though the challenge is over, I will still continue to work on my goals.

I can’t believe how quickly these past six weeks have gone by.  I wish I could say that I accomplished all the goals that I set out for but I haven’t, and that’s okay.  However, I have gotten a lot further than had I not taken part in this challenge.  By participating, it has enabled me to change and develop some good habits.

One of my end visions for this challenge was to be able to put on my work pants and have them feel roomy instead of snug.  Three weeks in I was a little upset that I didn’t see any changes, but then I thought, it probably took a while for me to gain that extra weight around my waist, so I’m going to think more long term and continue with this routine beyond the challenge.

I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to exercise at home if I wasn’t part of the challenge.  But I have felt like it has paid off in class because I am not struggling as much as I was before in the AB track and also in the push up track.

As a result of this six week challenge, I am more conscious and mindful of my eating, lifestyle and exercise habits and would like to continue with setting goals for myself in these areas and in other areas of my life.

Thank you participants for journaling about your experiences throughout.  Reading about your challenges, your accomplishments, your good days and bad, made me feel like we were all in this together.

Thank you experts for sharing your knowledge.

A BIG Thank you to Eva for putting this challenge together and for the regular inspirational quotes and encouragement.

What are your thoughts?

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