My Lucky Week

This past week I got two emails that made me really happy.

The first bit of good news was an email from Eva Redpath about the winners of the 2011 Body Conditioning by Dancers 21 Day Challenge, all the participants of the challenge were entered into a draw and I was one of the winners.  I actually had to read the email twice (groggy from just having woken up and because I was surprised). What did I win? A 1-week yoga pass at Moksha Yoga Uptown.  There were wonderful prizes this year and feel so lucky to have won at all. I was really glad to have been able to participate in the challenge this year. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone’s progress throughout and loved the support that we were giving one another.

The second surprise was from an email from Rachel Meeks.  She is one of my favourite bloggers and I have been quietly following her blog for about 2 years now.  Check out Small Notebook, if you haven’t yet been to Rachel’s blog. Over the weekend, I decided the next time I went to her blog, I was going to leave a comment on her blog (I have been meaning to for ages, but I’m shy and a complete newbie to the blogging community).  Turns out, it was her 3 year anniversary post and she was doing a giveaway on her ebook called Simple Blogging. Anyone that left a comment was going to get entered into the draw.  There were 6 copies up for grabs and 399 responses to her blog post.  And you know where this is going… I won! I was in complete shock – first because I had just received an email from her (I guess it would be a lot like receiving an email from a role model/celebrity you never met).  And of course, because I just won her book. I’ve never met her but I feel like I know her and she always seems to write something that I can relate to and that I can learn from.

It’s actually quite funny that I won these two draws because I have been trying to win something from Steamy Ktichen’s giveaways section for a while now, jump over to Jaden Hair’s blog if you get a chance, you’re bound to find something you like. I have my eye on the BlendTec and IPad 2. Of course, I love the rest of her food blog too. I’ve been following her for about 3 years now and love her style of writing, great photography, and the little behind the scenes stuff she shares with her readers.

Two wins in one week, if every week could be this awesome. I love that both of these wins will enable me to explore two new activities for me: hot yoga and blogging. I really do feel lucky.

What are your thoughts?

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