What is it about a hot sandwich that makes it incredibly satisfying?

Everything about it.  The filling, the sauce, the textures, and the bun.  This is what you will find when you go to Locomotive.  It opened in the Junction last summer. My boyfriend and I went the morning they opened to get try out their sandwiches.  We both got tosta mistas, he got a coffee and I got a freshly squeezed orange juice.  We both loved it.  We were told they cure their own meats – Wah? How many places have you heard do that?  The owners were really friendly and excited about taking their small coffee operation from downtown and opening it up into a full scale cafe.

It has a beautiful interior with white walls adorned with pictures of trains and shelves decorated with mason jars (they sell their own tomato sauce).  The place feels very cozy.

Locomotive isn’t just a sandwich joint, it is a cafe and serves, freshly squeezed OJ, coffee, a variety of baked goods (I hear good things about their brownies), toast, bagels, and salads.

Roast Chicken Sandwich

My favourite sandwich so far is the Roast Chicken Sandwich (white and dark meat). It comes with a filling including really soft onions, piri piri sauce, white and dark chicken in a bun.  It’s so good, it’s hard to have a conversation while having it.  In fact, I would prefer to talk after I’m done eating so I can fully enjoy the sandwich in all it’s goodness. If you’re concerned about getting messy, this probably isn’t the sandwich for you.  The sauce drips as you eat it and sometimes strips of chicken fall out.. MMM… I’m all for getting messy.  Roll up your sleeves and get your mess on with your napkin.  It is worth it. 🙂

Locomotive is high on my list when it comes to a place for a hot sandwich.  Their prices are very reasonable too.

Have you been to Locomotive? Do you have a favourite sandwich or favourite sandwich place?

Check out this review and beautiful pictures of the interiors of Locomotive from BlogTO.

What are your thoughts?

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