Healthy Comfort Food: Camros Eatery

A few years ago, a good friend and I discovered Camros. Tucked away on Hayden street (near Yonge/Bloor) lay this oasis of organic healthy food.  I had many firsts at Camros. It was probably where I had my first kale salad, millet, quinoa, lemon/tahini dressing, and found comfort in bean stews. Pure comforting healthy food. I try to prepare my own meals but for those times when I don’t have the time or energy but want a healthy meal with variety, I go to Camros.  I also go there when I’ve had a bad streak of eating and need to just reset my ways. I always leave inspired to cook and eat better.

Camros is a 100% organic eatery that carries vegan/vegetarian foods. I find it interesting that Camros doesn’t describe it self outright as vegetarian restaurant on their website. They do however emphasize that they are 100% organic and wholesome. I love that all the dishes have the ingredients listed out. This helps if you are on a special diet and/or are steering clear of specific ingredients. When I was on my elimination diet, this was one of the few places I could eat at. Seeing all the ingredients helped me make my decision about what I could eat and I liked not having to ask what they put inside and whether it was free of gluten, soy, dairy, sugar. I remember feeling really sad at times b/c of how restrictive my diet was (it can make you feel alone). It took a lot of time to prepare all my meals and to give up dining out.  I was afraid that I might learn I was intolerant to foods I loved but eating here made me happy knowing that if I had to go gluten-free/dairy-free/soy-free/sugar-free, well, I could still enjoy delicious foods and eat out.

Camros: Hot Foods & Salads
Camros: Juices

The first time I came to Camros, I fell in love with bean stews. I had no idea they could be so flavourful. Their foods are made daily and made with love. The service is wonderful as the staff are always friendly.  My favourites are the Kale salad with creamy tahini dressing, quinoa salad, lima bean stew, green stew, borscht, yellow lentil/potato patty and my most recent discovery (this past fall) the Gheyme stew. Everytime I go on a wednesday, I hope they have it.  It’s hard to describe the Gheyme stew. I know the first time I had it, I couldn’t stop raving about it at work. The flavour is sweet and sour (t reminded me a bit of Pad Thai) and I love the addition of potatoes cut up in match sticks (like little fries). During my last visit, it was a wednesday and when I got there I was soo delighted it was Gheyme stew day. The next customer that walked in ordered two servings and also raved about how it’s her favourite. Ah ha! I’m not the only one.

Camros: Yellow lentil/potato patty, Kale Salad, Millet Salad, Red Kidney/Spinach stew
Camros Plate: Kale/Beet Salad, Red Rice Ball, Red Rice & Millet Salad with Tahini Dressing
Camros: Borscht (Beet Soup) with Kale Salad. I loved the borscht! The dill was wonderful.

The desserts are heavenly.  I love the raw cheesecakes. I have tried so many and all of them have been wonderful.  The brownie is also a must.  I’d recommend having it with one of their lovely teas or coffees.

Camros: Raw Goji/Cacao "Cheese"cake
Camros: Occupy My Heart Raw "Cheese" Cake
Camros: Occupy My Heart Raw "Cheese" Cake

Eating here usually does a few things for me. It gives me a filling tasty meal with healthy favourites that makes me feel good and reminds me that healthy doesn’t mean bland or complicated. Eating here inspires me to cook better for myself. The dishes have often inspired me to create exciting colourful dishes at home. I like that there are a variety of hot offerings, bean salads, grain salads and veggie salads to choose from to make your meal.  They also have lots of desserts (cookies, brownies, vegan fudge, squares, and “cheese” cake). Camros also offers freshly squeezed juices, coffee and teas too. The only thing on my dream list… cooking classes. I’d love to learn how they make their lovely rice balls, the lentil/potato patties, their Gheyme stew.

Have you been to Camros? If so,what are your favourite dishes? If not, GO! The pictures alone should be enough of a reason to. Did I mention the staff are friendly too?

What are your favourite vegetarian restaurants?

Yesterday, Camro’s posted on Facebook/Twitter that it was their six year anniversary. I am sooo happy that you are around and I hope you stick around for many years to come. I’m hoping the Camro’s team is celebrating. 

5 thoughts on “Healthy Comfort Food: Camros Eatery

    1. These are delicious desserts that give you the same satisfaction as the regular stuff we also love.
      I don’t remember if I mentioned that the “Cheese” cake is also soy-free. 🙂
      Yes, you gotta go try this place. 🙂

  1. I worked directly across the street from here and never tried it. Shame on me! My coworker who is a vegetarian spoke positively of their food and that although a bit pricier, the taste and freshness made up for it.

    1. You can go try it when you get back. And I agree with your co-worker, the quality of the food and knowing what goes into it makes the price worth it.

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