Cafe Polonez

My favourite comfort foods include borscht, cabbage rolls and perogies. I mostly have these foods in the winter to warm me up and because that’s when I need a belly full of goodness to march outside in the cold. With the cold weather we’re having these past two days it definitely feels like winter to me. I put out a post last year that included a visit to Amber. I love the delicious cabbage roll (perfect rice/meat ratio and incredible tomato sauce) and the pan-fried cheese perogies topped with caramelized onions. They are just perfect.

This past January, on a cold winter day, I had plans for lunch with friends and I had comfort food in mind. Specifically, perogies. Naturally, I thought of Amber. But I wanted to try something new.  It’s too easy to just always go to the same place and I was feeling like taking a chance. I had seen Cafe Polonez when I researched “Best Perogies in Toronto” and “Polish Food in Toronto” a few years ago.

Aside: it’s completely normal to search stuff like this right??  I thought so, until recently when I explained to someone how I find places to eat. lol! They thought it was funny how I made it sound completely normal to search blogs and discussion forums on what to eat in Toronto.

I quickly looked it up again (made sure it was still around) and I pitched the idea to my friends and we were off.

The place was more spacious than Amber but the lighting was dimmer.  We took a look at the menus and my friends said they were cool with whatever I wanted (They knew I already had favourites in mind).  So, here’s what I decided on.

Golabki (Cabbage Rolls)

Cafe Polonez: Cabbage rolls
Cafe Polonez: Cabbage Roll

I really wanted to love these cabbage rolls. The stuffing and cabbage was fine, it was the sauce that I found was too sweet.  I love when the sauce tastes like home made tomato sauce instead of ketchup.  This one tasted more like ketchup. Perhaps too much sugar was used for my liking.

Borscht (Beet Soup) with Mushroom Dumplings

Borscht: Beet Soup
Mushroom Dumpling

This borscht was fantastic.  I loved the fresh dill. The addition of mushroom dumplings was wonderful. The dumpling skin tasted chewy and the mushroom flavour was intense (love!). I had two of them but could’ve had way more.

Goulash: Beef Stew  

I saw this dish on Food Network a couple of years ago and always wanted to try it. This was my first time having goulash and I really enjoyed how simple it was (beef, tomatoes, and potatoes).  It reminds me of a beef stew my mom would make when I was growing up (Only we would use bay leaf and omit the potatoes)

Perogies: My fave, pan fried cheese and potato perogies covered in caramelized onions, bacon, and sour cream.

Cafe Polonez: Cheddar Perogies with Caramelized Onions, Bacon and Sour Cream

The perogies were wonderful.  I think I could just eat a plate of this myself. But I’d probably feel pretty crappy, so I’m glad I had guests to share with. Ah, sharing – most important lesson I learned from kindergarten. Sticks with you for life.

I had a wonderful time at Cafe Polonez. Other than the cabbage rolls, I think everything else was fantastic.

What are your favourite comfort foods? What are your favourite Polish restaurants?

I’d love to hear your favourites and suggestions.

What are your thoughts?

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