How To Make Your Own Yoga Mat Spray

DIY Yoga Spray

Several years ago, I bought my yoga mat when I enrolled in Pilates classes.  I ended up doing it on and off for two years. Since then, I’ve used it for my body conditioning class and yoga classes. In most instances, I would just use the spray at the studio to wipe down my mat after use. For heavy duty washing, I would wash it in the tub with vinegar and a bit of dish detergent.

Our mats get a lot of use but we don’t always have time for a heavy duty wash in the tub. I wanted to try my hand at making my own spray though so I could wipe it down between uses and heavy duty washes. I knew it must be easy to do and would probably be better value then buying those bottled yoga mat sprays. And it’s just cool to know I made it myself. I didn’t actually take any action to find out how people make these sprays until last year. I have a tendency to get really excited about something – buy all the ingredients or tools, then put it on the backburner b/c life gets busy and I get distracted by new ideas. 😦  Anyone else guilty of this? 🙂

Last year, I searched online for a recipe and came across this Apartment Therapy post (love this site!!). This past winter, I bought a dollar store plastic spray bottle and filled it with water and a few drops of tea tree oil. I also purchased lavender oil and peppermint oil with intentions of making this spray but I decided I’d hold off until I tried the plain tea tree first.

This past weekend, I decided to finally make the first recipe (peppermint, lavender, tea tree and water) on Apartment Therapy.  I just filled the spray bottle with the oils, filled it with water and gave it a shake. It only took about a minute and smells pretty amazing too.

If you’re interested in the recipe, hop over to this Apartment Therapy post, there are two recipes but I made Recipe #1.

Do you make your own yoga mat spray? How do you make yours?

What are your thoughts?

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