Weekend Link Love

Mission Beach, San Diego.

There’s tons of great content out there and I come across it quite often. Sometimes even though I mean to share them with others, I forget because there’s too much to keep up with. Can you relate? I decided it was time to start sharing on the blog while I still remember. Unless there’s a link that makes me think of a particular person, then I’ll quickly send it their way before I forget. Moving on, here’s some weekend link love for goodies I’ve come across in recent weeks.

  1. What Your Work Lunch Says About You by The Shy Comedian. LaLa did a great job highlighting the different lunches people have and what it means. It’s true that people flock to the kitchen for free food, spending their mornings talking about what to eat and where to eat. I also am impressed when people bring meals from home, but mostly when they’ve made it themselves.
  2. Why Do People Open Up And Eat Before Paying For It While Shopping For Other Groceries? by JDawg182. I was relieved to hear someone else was just as bothered about this as me. I was thinking about this issue the same day I came across this post on Freshly Pressed.
  3. What Did You Give Up To Get What You Got by Truth and Cake. This was a good reminder that we prioritize our lives according to what’s important for us, to not get bogged down in trying to achieving all our goals and to not forget to enjoy the journey.
  4. Instagram Tips & Tricks by Her New Leaf. This was such an informative post with great pictures. Who knew that we could set our phones to airplane mode and have the photo saved to our phone without having to push it to Twitter or Facebook? Well, I didn’t. I was also happy to learn about the Lux (sun icon) light feature for outdoor pictures. I was glad to be reminded about toggle off frame feature. Hope you instagram lovers dig this.
  5. How to Remove a Mildew Smell From Towels by Small Notebook. One of my all time favourite blogs. There are so many practical posts here that have inspired me. This one gives tips on possible reasons for the source of the odour and solutions to banish it. Couldn’t we all go without funky smelling towels? Let’s say goodbye to mildewy towels. 🙂
  6. Stretching with a Foam Roller by Lipstick Powder N Paint’s Karen Kwan and featuring Eva Redpath. What else to roll out on than a foam roller. Ever wonder why people use these things and what it actually does? Not sure what exercises you can do? Check it out.
  7. My Year in A Cubicle by A Serene Scribe. If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle, you’ll relate to this. I had no idea how universal the experiences are in Cubicle Land. I was laughing out loud reading this. I particularly enjoyed the bit on cubical etiquette where you pretend you didn’t hear the drama your co-worker just had in the next cube. I also love the quote: “They put you in a cube and expect you to think outside of the box”. Sidenote: I watched Office Space recently and it is definitely funnier a second time around after actually working in a cubicle office environment.
  8. Chicken Tostada Bites by Kelsey’s Apple A Day. These look delicious and fun for a party appetizer or snack. A friend of mine sent this to me after I posted about guacamole and thought I’d like it.  I do! 🙂
  9. 7 Money Mistakes That Can Keep You From Achieving Your Goals by Free From Broke. When it comes to personal finance, there’s always more to learn. I liked this summary. I especially agree with the first point that this subject is not covered well in schools and we are left with learning from our parents or on our own. Hoping you don’t have to make any of these mistakes to learn from them.
  10. Hazelnut Chocolate Gelato by Kelsey’s Apple A Day. Need I say more? This is one of my favourite flavour combinations. The picture and the gorgeous weather we’ve been having makes me want to RUSH to the nearest gelato shop and eat to my heart’s content. Too bad I already have plans. 😦

Hope you enjoy these reads! If you read any of these, let me know what you think in the comments.

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