Good Eats: Hey Meatball

I’ve had Hey Meatball on my mind since my first bite at The Green Living Show. My friend recognized the name of the place and had passed by restaurant before. I was intrigued about a restaurant that focused on meatballs. How ballsy! I couldn’t resist.

At the Green Living Show, we tried the mac and cheese with meatballs. The meatballs were flavourful and moist, the tubular spirals of pasta covered in cheese sauce won me over completely. We agreed we should definitely needed to make a visit to the restaurant and soon.

A few months passed. Life got busy as usual. Hey Meatball took a backseat but it was in my mental must-try list. I was reading reviews about it a couple of sundays ago wondering when I could go for a meal.

Then the next day, my friend messaged me to ask if we could go to Hey Meatball for dinner. YESSS.. I was having a terribly long day and the thought of a hot comfort meal out was exactly what I wanted. I told her that I was reading reviews about them just the day before. It’s funny how we both had them on our minds, guess we operate on the same wavelength and have similar priorities. LOL!

As, I made my way to Hey Meatball, I got pretty drenched (forgot my umbrella) but rain wasn’t going to stand in my way. When I left work, I was tired, hungry and a bit grumpy (from being tired and hungry). Everything that happend up until that point in my day was far from my mind. This meal completely turned my day around. And isn’t that what a great meal should do?

A few weekends ago, I remember a coffee shop owner was having a conversation with another customer along the lines of “A good meal makes a bad day good”. Spoken like a true food lover. He joked about how the food coma that ensues after a meal helps the troubles of the day melt away. I smiled at him and continued writing a draft for this blog. I bring this up because this meal did exactly that for me.

We ordered the spaghetti & meatballs and The Rodfather (what a name!), a meatball sandwich.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

The meatballs (mixture of pork and beef) were moist, simply seasoned, and the tomato sauce was tasty and a nice counterpart. The spaghetti noodles were yellow and the texture was chewy. On their chalkboard it also says their meat is antibiotic and hormone free too. Good to know!

The Rodfather

The Rodfather was fabulous. I loved how the chiabatta remained crunchy on the outside while the inside was spongy and absorbed the pesto and tomato sauce. How I love that combination of sauces. The side salad was citrusy, refreshing and lovingly put together (doesn’t taste like boxed greens but market fresh greens MMM). It came dressed and it glistened. A great complement to The Rodfather.

The Rodfather: A peak inside
The Rodfather

The service was warm and friendly. I loved the open concept kitchen because we were able to see Rodney, the owner, making our food. The menu is simple, the atmosphere is casual and you could probably be in and out in 25 mins (not that you’d feel rushed or anything).

I can’t wait for my next visit!

When you go, remember they are cash only, so bring cash and a good appetite. Don’t you love how I assumed it wasn’t a matter of IF you were going but WHEN? Meatball lovers, I am talking to you.

Have you been to Hey Meatball? What is your favourite way to make meatballs? What are your favourite meatball places in Toronto?

Please share.

What are your thoughts?

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