How To Get Rid Of Food Odour From Glass Jars

Buying food canisters from stores selling home supplies can get expensive. Ever since I read Rachel’s post in 2009 on how she uses glass jars in her kitchen. I was inspired to do the same thing.  It looked so beautiful and practical to display your food in jars.  I’ve become a glass jar lover and saver!! I was tempted to go on a hunt to buy glass jars but noticed I had soup and sauce jars I should probably use first.  I was previously obsessed with the soup jars I was buying by Sunflower Kitchen which Bernardin glass jars. In the past year or so, I’ve come across Ball glass jars on food blogs and DIY blogs and they aren’t available in Canada but I’d really like to get a few one day.

After buying lots of almond butter, spaghetti sauce soups in glass jars, I’ve accumulated lots of jars and have reused them to store pantry items.  However, one problem that I have after washing the jars in dish detergent and hot water is the remaining odour that is leftover.

After washing the jar with dish detergent, I normally use vinegar to get rid of the odour by adding it to the glass jar with hot soapy water closing the lid, flipping the jar over onto it’s lid and leaving it overnight. I’ve found this method to be fine with soup jars and nut butter jars.

However, for spaghetti sauce jars, I felt the spaghetti sauce smell was still detectable the next morning.  And I gave up and recycled them.

Recently, I’ve purchased spaghetti sauce from jars and wanted to have another try at getting rid of that sauce odour so I could repurpose these jars.

My many trials of getting that funky spaghetti sauce smell out of the lid. I’ve spent at least 2 weeks on and off trying out the below methods for a few jars.

1. Rinsed out the jar with hot water and scrubbed the lid and jar with hot water and dish detergent and let it dry.

2. Filled the jar with hot water, a bit of dish detergent and some vinegar and turned it on it’s lid. I left this for the whole day.

3. The odour was still detectable. I put baking soda on the inside of the lid and poured boiling on hot water on it. Let that sit for a bit while I filled the jar with hot water, baking soda and squeeze of fresh lemon and turned it on it’s lid. I left this for the whole day.

4. The odour was still detectable (just in the lid). So I rinsed the jars out and let it dry while I took the lids and put it in a bowl full of vinegar and just a bit of water.

5. Soaking in vinegar/hot water (50/50) then air dry lid off

6. Soaking in hot water with baking soda and vinegar then rinse and air dry lid off

7. Using lemon juice to coat inside of the lid then soak all day in hot water and rinse and air dry lid off

8. Using lemon rinds and rubbing the inside of each lid, then letting it air dry for the day.

9. Leaving all lids by the window sill, insides turned up to sunbathe for two days. I noticed that I could still smell a bit of tomato sauce after the first day.

After over 2 weeks, the smell is now gone. This was a long process. I think what I’ve learned is that it is best to tackle the lids separately from the jar itself. After, washing the jar and the lid. I’d leave the jar and just focus on the lid. After washing, I’d recommend putting a bit of baking soda and enough water so that the lid is full of this solution. Then rinse it out and try lemon juice and rubbing lemon rinds into the lid. Then rinsing that out and leaving it in the sun (or sunniest window sill) to dry for a couple of days.

I’ve heard about using coffee grinds and newspapers to absorb odour from the fridge but haven’t tried it myself.

How do you get rid of food odours from jars?

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