Recipe: Fruit Infused Water

How’s your hydration going? In this humid hot weather we’ve been having in Toronto, I hope you are drinking more than I am. This week has been mostly tea, plain water and coconut water. Last week? Last week, I was on a fruit infused water train. Normally, I drink plain water with nothing in it or a slice of lemon. I don’t mind the taste, it’s just sort of blah sometimes. It doesn’t get me excited to drink it. I just know it’s good for me. And as I sit and write this, I realize that a couple of hours have gone by and I have not poured myself anything to drink. Darn. I’m working on keeping hydrated, hence motivation to experiment the fruit infused water last week. Last weekend was full of social activities and I’m feeling like this week combined with the muggy weather is making me feel a bit off. Hoping to get back to it tomorrow. Starting with more watermelon!

After writing this post, I was inspired by Yummy Life’s post on naturally flavoured water and a few fruit infused water ideas have been lingering in my mind. Last week, I bought different fruits and remembered the fruit flavoured water idea. I decided this was the week I was going to make some fruit flavoured water concoctions.

I haven’t used measurements here so it’s a fairly loose recipe post, with a description of what I did. So easy, anyone can do it. Really, you should and just play around with it.


For the watermelon, pineapples, mango, and strawberries, I diced some pieces more fine then others so that I could mash them more easily with a fork in the jar.

For the citrus fruits, I sliced the fruit and squeezed the slices as I tossed it in. (This reminded me of sangria!! ooh gotta try to make a sangria inspired one, some day). When I was done filling the jar with fruit, I filled it with water and let it sit in the fridge for 2 hours. Then I took a fork and squashed some of the fruit against the side of the jar.

This was a very fun way to experiment with fruit flavoured waters. I’m getting more ideas and perhaps if I try enough other combinations I’ll do another post on this topic.

Main reasons why I like doing fruit infused water in glass jars.

1) Visually appealing – I love seeing a pop of colour and these drinks really added a splash of colour to my day.

2) Easy to do – It doesn’t take long to wash a few fruits, you can just save a few slices or pieces from whatever fruit you are already eating. Although, most of mine this week has mainly been for this drink. It’s just fruit pieces, some mashed with a fork a bit, maybe some herbs in water. Simple. Tasty. And quick to assemble.

3) I can SEE how much I am drinking. I’ve found I drink more because of it.

4) Conversation starter – LOL! As I assembled these at work, many people have asked me what I’m up to throwing pieces of fruit into a jar and filling it with water. I’ve gotten different suggestions from people – even without asking for them. “Have you tried making smoothies, that might work better?” One person asked as I was mashing my fruit with my fork. “Oh yes, I have”…Trying to politely explain that I’m just trying to flavour my water. I didn’t want to get into the specifics of this not being a smoothie and me not wanting it to be anything than what it was.

Fruit Flavoured Water Combinations

Watermelon Mint

Fruit & Herb: Watermelon mint

  • I cut up watermelon into small chunks, washed a few leaves of mint and threw into the jar. In the jar, I used a fork to mash some of the chunks against the jar, so the watermelmon juice flavour would mix with the water.
  • My fave so far and tasty because of the sweet and light flavour.
Strawberry, Lemon & Basil
 Fruit & Herb: Strawberry Lemon & Basil
  • I sliced a handful of strawberries, diced a couple into small chunks, used 1.5 thin slices of lemon, and added a few basil leaves.
  • Using a fork, I smashed some of the strawberry pieces against the side of the jar.
  • I found the lemon flavour was too strong, I should’ve put more smashed strawberries or cut back on the lemon.


Citrus Trio: Lemon, Lime & Orange

Citrus Trio: Lemon, Lime and Orange

  • I cut up a few slices of lemon, lime and orange and added to the jar as I squeezed the juice from each of them.
  • Whoa sour! I would recommend adding some honey or agave to sweeten this baby. I only realized this after I had made it so I poured a bit of hot water into a mug and mixed in some honey then poured it into my drink.


Tropical Duo: Mango & Pineapple

Tropical Duo: Mango, Pineapple

  • I diced mango and pineapple into small chunks. Using a fork, I mashed some of the mango and pineapple against the side of the jar before I added water.
  • This was a really nice combination. Probably the sweetest of the bunch.
Everytime I took my jar out of the fridge, I was excited to drink. Definitely beats plain water. Although I’m not eliminating that all together.
Major benefit of all this fruit infusion water making was that I think I drank more water last week than I had in a long while. Also, I was very excited every morning to have a new experiment to try.
What are your favourite fruit flavoured water combinations?
What foods and drinks do you have to stay cool during hot muggy weather?

What are your thoughts?

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