Pinterest Love & A Few Great Pins

Have you heard of Pinterest? Surely, you’ve heard about it by now. Maybe you’ve noticed the “Pin It” scattered around the web. You basically get to be the curator of your own image gallery. Where you have boards to organize your various collections. Oh the endless possibilities! It’s really a feast for the eyes. 🙂

I’ve described it to some friends as a similar feeling to the sticker collections of our childhood. I use to spend so much of my money at Kid Stuff building up my sticker collection and befriending people through sticker trades. For a shy kid, it gave me something to talk about. Do kids still collect sticker’s these days? Hmm.. I wonder. I even remember writing to Sandylion Sticker Factory to tell them how much I love their stickers – a Friend tipped me off on that. And they sent me free stickers in return. 🙂

Back to Pinterest, I have to admit, I thought it was a bit snobby that the website had us “Ask for an invite” – imagine that in real life. If you saw a sign that said “Ask for an invite”, would you? or would you find that absolutely rude? Bah! Well, I held out long enough and bit my tongue and asked for it after browsing galleries and thought to myself “But, but I want one too…”.  I just quickly took a peak and now they’ve changed it so it says “Join Pinterest”… Better.

I’m still a Pinterest newbie, I’ve only been on the website a handful of times but I lose hours when I’m on there (which I don’t like) – so my weekly doses of Pinterest come to my inbox, and I’ll click through and explore Pinterest for a bit.

For some reason, images sometimes help us convey things that words just can’t express. I love that Pinterest isn’t just a place for pretty photos, but quotes, ideas, methods and recipes. And I love that all of these images link back to the original source (or at least they should).

Here are a few of the Pins that made it’s way into my inbox today and made me all happy.

A shower without an enclosure – it’s like you’re showering OUTSIDE with all that nature. Talk about freedom. Although, would be kinda freaky to shower after dark.

Absolutely stunning space. Love how much light comes in, love the white doughnut-like lights, the floors and the round table and chairs.

Oh boy, this one made me particularly happy because of all the bright colours. A collection of POPSICLE recipes!

Hope you have a lovely Friday!

What are your thoughts?

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