Friday Link Loving

How’s it going readers? It’s been a long past couple of days for me. The heat is really getting to me and I’ve been feeling a bit off. I’m doing as much as I can liquid wise but my appetite just isn’t there. As I write this (early hours of friday morning), I’m really enjoying how cool this evening is and I’m really looking forward to good night’s rest tonight. I also have caught up on my WP readings and today, I’m sharing these great links with you.

Dancing Under the Sea: A Great Barrier Reef Romance by the Nomad Grad

Amtrak Anxiety by Nuts and Bolts

Bully by TorontoFitMom

Juicing Journey for Health & Beauty by Jillian of the From Scratch Club

On Tolerance and Acceptance by Perpetual Flaneur

Why I Should Not Get a Dog by Nuts and Bolts

Outdoor Weddings by Le Zoe Musings

Hope you enjoy them! Let me know what you think.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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