Steamed Brown Sugar Buns

Last week, I had a day off in light of Independence Day (Wednesday). I ended up staying up really late on Tuesday night and found that Wednesday morning, I was feeling sluggish because of the hot humid weather. After my breakfast smoothie (around 11am), I wanted something small to eat for lunch. I opened the freezer and found these buns. I had purchased these with hopes of steaming them the week I bought it. Then weeks went by and I forgot all about it.

Brown Sugar Swirl Steam Buns. The package says “Preservative Free” and “MSG Added”. I’m hoping the “added” is a mistake in translation…

These were delicious! They aren’t stuffed with anything. And aren’t as sweet as most baked goods are. These are imported from Taiwan and taste just like the Taiwanese steamed sweet buns we would buy from street food vendors in Kaohsiung. We ate them almost everyday when we last visited there. Nothing beats freshly steamed! Oh how I miss street food in Kaohsiung. I’ll be posting another time with pics of some good eats I had during my last visit.

Brown Sugar Swirl Steam Buns

These did the trick. I had two of them and they pretty much tied me over until dinner.

What are your favourite steamed buns?

I also love two steamed buns you can find at Dim Sum: the yellow custard ones and the lotus paste ones. MMM.

Have a wonderful Monday!

2 thoughts on “Steamed Brown Sugar Buns

  1. These look so interesting. Do they have just a hint of sweetness? Would be so good with a morning tea or chai! I’m really missing my favourite egg custard buns (the kind that ooze out when you tear them apart and still piping hot!)

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