My Kitchen Disaster Series

This is the first post of My Kitchen Disaster Series.

Last weekend, I had a few mess-ups, screw-ups or disasters which I wanted to share here as I figured other people might find them amusing. I hesitated though, would this paint a negative image of me? HAHA I hope not. I shared my idea with a friend for this post and she said to me “I love when people show me that they make mistakes too. Professionals couldn’t have gotten become successful without hours of practice and they are sure to have made mistakes along the way”. Agreed. I pitched the idea to a few other friends and they were all saying it was a good idea. So, off I went to type.

Although kitchen mishaps do happen, do they get shared in the food blog world? How often do we see a post about a mishap? Not often enough. Sometimes disaster strikes in the kitchen and we manage to save the day. Othertimes, it’s our final product that is the disaster and even after following every step of a recipe, we don’t know where we went wrong.

I come across picture perfect, pristine images of beautiful food all the time. I LOVE them, don’t get me wrong, but I also love it when the picture is a bit more real. ya know, a bit messy, a crumb here or there, splatter, and a dirty fork perhaps. Anything that makes the picture look more REAL rather than … perfect (staged). Makes me wonder what disasters other people have had and swept under the rug instead of sharing. Sharing our imperfections make us more real.

Here are some of my past disasters which I don’t have pictures for as they happend a few of years ago.

1. Attempting Mujadara (lentils, rice and caramelized onions) on stove top. We’ve always made rice in a rice cooker. It was the first kitchen appliance I learned to use as a kid. Naturally, cooking rice on stove top is extremely intimidating (and new) to me and well pointless when the rice cooker is reliable and consistent. I followed a recipe for Mujadara which involved cooking the lentils and rice on the stove top. I hadn’t tried Mujadara before but it sounded tasty. I stood for 2.5 hours only to have burnt rice and undercooked lentils. I remember feeling pretty bummed about all that time I spent and nothing to show for it. It was on a weeknight too. I probably had takeout that night. lol!

2. Attempting homemade pizza with my sister. The oven had food or oil droppings on the bottom which we didn’t really think too much about. The pizza went up in flames. I didn’t know what to do. I was scared and frozen probably flipping out on the inside. Luckily my sister sprung into action. Even after we cleaned up the the oven, I took a break from using the oven for quite some time. The pizza probably would’ve been good if it wasn’t for the strong BURNT taste. I haven’t made a pizza from scratch since.

Maybe disaster is a bit dramatic but I can’t think of a better word so disaster it is. I was really upset in both the instances I mentioned above. But now, it doesn’t bother me as much when I mess up. Maybe the more I cook the less upset I get? Or maybe the older I get the less upset? Haha Doesn’t matter. If it’s still edible, it’s eaten. If I can’t fix it, I’ll make notes of what I did and try it again another time making a change.

My hope is that by sharing these, you’ll laugh and feel less discouraged when things don’t go as smoothly in the kitchen. Especially for people that don’t feel confident in their cooking skills. Keep at it and most importantly don’t lose hope.

What are your thoughts? What are your kitchen diaster stories?

Have a great friday!

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