My Kitchen Disaster: Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

First Attempt at Raw Chocolate Strawberries. Messy. But Tasty.

This is the second post of the Kitchen Disaster series. Start reading the series here

I have wanted to make raw chocolate dipped strawberries since I bought a pack of cacao powder. I’ve mostly just added it to oatmeal and smoothies. Last weekend, I picked up some strawberries and remembered I had everything I needed to try this. A quick search online and I found Gone Raw’s Dark Chocolate Strawberries recipe. I knew I needed a recipe that used coconut oil because I didn’t want to buy cacao butter (an ingredient I don’t have and a pricey one at that).

I’ll post my recipe for this when I get around to making it again and tweaking it.


– Chocolate sauce was too thick when I initially made it. It was thick like the brownie picture below (a pic of a brownie I made in November 2011). I added hot water and oil to thin it out. Eventually I remembered to use another bowl with enough hot water to help heat the chocolate sauce bowl.

– Also, end product looked messy (too much chocolate coated the strawberries) and shoudn’t have scooped the remaining chocolate onto the strawberries.

Brownie in the making – Thick texture

First Attempt

The coconut oil was already melted because the weather’s been warm enough. That saved me some time. I mixed in the cacao and at first, I was soo excited because the melted chocolate was taking form. It was slick and glossy like the top right picture in the 4 pic stitched image I shared above. However, once I had all that cacao mixed in, the textured turned thick. Although it smelled like a delicious chocolate brownie, I wasn’t aiming for something that looked like a thick brownie mixture.

This thick texture wasn’t going to allow for easy dipping. I considered smothering the chocolate onto the strawberries. But then I couldn’t call this “dipped” could I? It would be “smothered” chocolate strawberries.

I decided, I needed to thin it out, either water or oil. I tried a bit of hot water. I wondered, if maybe the coconut oil stiffened when the cacao got mixed in (perhaps the temperature of the coconut oil lowered in the process?) and I needed to “melt” it again. So I nuked it for about 15 secs. No dice, I dried it out a bit. GRReat..

I decided to do a double boiler using a bigger soup bowl full of hot boiled water and put my little bowl on top. The steam from the hot boiled water would keep the little bowl from solidifying. At the same time I added a bit of hot water. Nothing. I decided to add more oil since that was the only other option left. So I added more coconut oil and kept adding until I got this slick, shiney, gooey delicious chocolate sauce. By then I had added a total of 8 tbsp of coconut oil (the original recipe is 2 tbsp LOL).

I completely forgot about the tip about leaving some of the red of the strawberry exposed and tried to coat the strawberry with as much chocolate as possible. I had leftover chocolate after dipping them. So I spooned the rest of the chocolate on top of as many strawberries as I could. The result: goopy, sloppy looking strawberries. Incredibly addictive and tasty strawberries. I ate all but maybe 2 of them that night. 🙂

Notes for the future

  • Make sure that I start off with a bowl of hot boiling water underneath the chocolate bowl (double boiler).
  • Add oil to thin mixture – start with 2 tbl and adjust until I get the consistency I want
  • If you add more oil, taste and adjust agave/maple syrup until you get your desired sweetness.
  • Don’t scoop any of the mixture onto the strawberries – results in ugly and sloppy chocolate dipped strawberries.

 Have you made chocolate dipped strawberries before? What was your experience like?

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