My Kitchen Disaster: Sweet Potato and Beet Chips

This is the third post of the Kitchen Disaster series. Start reading this series here.

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. After making a quick shopping list Saturday morning I went up to Wychwood Barns Farmer’s market and picked up lots of goodies. These included orange beets from Footstep Organic and red beets, kale and red leaf lettuce from Everdale Farm.

I decided I’d make a roasted beet and sweet potato dish as well as sweet potato and beet chips. If you’ve ever bought root veggie chips by Terra, then you know how expensive your chip habit can be. Much more economical to make your own.

I use this recipe by in sock monkey slippers.

Orange and Red Beets
Prepping Mixed Beets & Sweet Potatoes

Disaster: Burnt Sweet Potato and Beet Chips

My Second Attempt

  • This wasn’t the first time I was making sweet potato and beet chips. I’ve made it once before and it was fine…How is it possible that I messed it up the second round? Multitasking..and not doing a good job of it at all!
  • I found as I sliced that I couldn’t get perfect circles, no matter what I always ended up with semi-circles. I guess, I’ll just have to practice more trying to keep my potato flush against the mandolin. Even though it’s just an aesthetics thing it bugs me. Yes, but chips are chips!
  • The first batch of beet chips were good. I ate them all as I put the second batch in the oven. The second batch of beet chips and sweet potatoes burned. I forgot about them while I was working on layering the beets and sweets and they overcooked.
  • My mom saw them on the table and asked “Julie, did you make chocolate chips?” Me: “Naw… I burned them”. I still ate a handful of them anyways. LOL! All that time I put into slicing those babies and waiting for them, I was going to have some! And they had a hint of sweet with a lot of BURNT taste. haha

Orange Beet Chips (left) and Sweet Potato Chips (right)
Burned Sweet Potato Chips

Notes for the future 

  • Bake sweet potato and beets separately since beets burn faster.
  • Flip the chip’s at the 8-10 minute mark for beets and the 10 minute mark for sweet potatoes
  • One of them should’ve been to pull out the chips early especially the beet ones because those one burn fast. Also, don’t subsitute foil for parchment. Some of my chips stuck to the foil – perhaps not enough oil. The recipe specified parchment and I didn’t have any. Either use parchment or just coat the beet and sweet potato slices in oil
  • Another good tip would’ve been make sure you have more than one baking sheet or pan to use, it will make it easier to bake more chips at once. What I ended up doing was baking one side. Then flipping them and pushing them to one side of the pan, while putting in more chips on the other side. Thereby staggering the bake times. That didn’t work out too well since the beets and sweet potato baking times vary
  • Set a timer and make sure to check on the chips when it goes off. Waiting can cause you burnt chips. 😦

Have you made sweet potato or beet chips before? What about other veggie chips?

What are your thoughts?

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