Good Eats Review: Queen Schnitzel

A few weeks ago, on a blazing hot summer work day. My co-worker and I went to Schnitzel Queen and it completely lived up to the great reviews on Yelp.

Schnitzel Queen

It was not as small as I imagined. I guess I was imagining something about half of it’s size. It is tiny but I didn’t mind as I was planning on getting takeaway. Also, it was air-conditioned which was a sweet relief after being outside with the sun beating down on us.

Inside of Schnitzel Queen

Upon entering, my senses were overloaded with the deliciousness that is the schnitzel. I knew this was going to be a life changing lunch! Perhaps it was odours lingering from the hot oil – they fry them fresh. Yum!

My co-worker friend and I took our time scanning both the menu and the posted specials. It was pretty hard to decide. I knew I wanted a sandwich because I heard their portions were huge and couldn’t imagine scarfing down a plateful of food. In the end, we decided maybe we should share a sandwich – The King Schnitzel. haha I wish I had a picture of us from that day. Two petite girls, huge smiles, chatting excitedly about toppings.

King Schnitzel

After we placed the order with the wife, my friend told her that we have been planning to come here for months. I joined the conversation (thinking I was so glad I came with this girl, because I know I probably would’ve been to shy to shared that but I was glad she did). I said that I had read awesome reviews on yelp and I knew I had to come because I love a good schnitzel.


By the time we ordered, 3 patrons had left so there were enough seats for us to eat. The wife asked us to stay and eat. But we declined because we didn’t have enough time to stay.

Her husband was frying our schnitzels and when he came out to greet us he said that “We are only open for you” – hahaha That’s sweet. He saw that I had my phone so he said “Are you going to write  a review?” He used hand gestures of someone typing on their phone.  I said “OH yes! I’ve read great reviews on Yelp and I’m going to post about this on my blog”.

His wife said “First, you have to try it!” I said “Right! I’m sure I’ll love it” haha And I LOOOVED it!

When we got back to the office, another 30 mins later. Mad strolling in this kind of heat. We managed to take some pictures before we devoured it. Taking food photos fast is a skill I’m working on. Trying to capture the food in the best angle/light (without annoying the people you are eating with) and quickly devouring it while it’s hot.

King Schnitzel

My conclusion? The best PORK Schnitzel I’ve ever had. I haven’t had that many. But I’ve had ones that were very fatty, dry, where the batter separated from the pork. This pork was so moist (they must’ve tenderized it like crazy), lean and the batter was light, it held on to the pork and the toppings (aside from the processed cheese which I could personally do without).  We had caramelized onions (TONS! yum!), bacon, sauerkraut (best one yet – not too sour, not sweet, just right), with tomatoes and a big thing of curly green leaf lettuce on a soft bun.

My half of the King Schnitzel

I’ll admit the sandwich looks ridiculous. The meat is much bigger than the bun. I ate it with a knife and fork. HAHA

And by the time I finished my half, I didn’t feel heavy, just satisfied. 🙂

Can’t wait to go back. Definitely returning, I have to try their potato salad and I’d like a platter next time.

Where are your favourite schnitzel places? Have you been to Queen Schnitzel? What are your favourite toppings for schnitzel sandwiches? 

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