Hugh’s Dry Rub Recipe

Have you ever made your own spice mixes? Have you looked at some of the pre-made mixes? Sometimes there’s hidden crap in there you don’t want. SUGAR, MSG, etc.  Making your own really is the best way. It’s the only way you can control how much of each ingredient is going in.

I do have a favourite spice mix I’m sharing today. Here’s a recipe my boyfriend found last year. We love it and have used it on steaks, chicken, sweet potatoes, peppers, zucchinni and kale.

Last week, when I used this spice mix on my sweet potatoes, I thought, I really ought to share this on the blog so more people can enjoy it.

The recipe makes a big batch which you can store in an air-tight container and use whenever. To use just mix the dry rub with some olive oil in a bowl with whatever you’re cooking. Make sure it’s coated well and you’re good to go.  We’ve mainly used this on the BBQ and oven.

Let me know if you try it.

Do you have any favourite spice mix recipes to share?


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