Get That Oil Stain Out of Your Shirt

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was getting dressed and put on clean shirt only to find that a huge oil stain was on it. I thought crapshoot, I love this shirt! Am I going to have to toss it out? Then picked up another one – another one with oil stains. By the end of the week, I had 3 shirts. Three shirts I adored that I thought were destined for garbage.

It gets better. The third one…  I had attempted to save it (covering it in baking soda and massaging it in after work – suppose to absorb the oil) before I threw it in the wash and dried it. So, when I picked it up and noticed that the huge oil stain was still there. I was annoyed because that was one failed attempt. Of course, I can’t remember the origin of the oil stain, only that I remember trying to get it out while at work.

So, I decided to search for remedies online again and this time came across this easy remedy –  Dish washing detergent. YES! So simple right? Breaks down grease on our dirty dishes, so why not our clothes?

I just put a bit on the oil stains (shirts were dry) and rubbed it in and let it sit for about 30 mins then I scrubbed and rinsed it out with hot water before I added it to the regular wash and dried it. I got the stains out of all three. Hurray!

There you have it, how I saved three shirts and hope to save many more with a few drops of dish detergent.

Hoping you’ll remember this tip when you encounter oil stains on your clothes.

How do you get oil stains out of your clothes?

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Get That Oil Stain Out of Your Shirt

  1. I use cornmeal! Seriously, I don’t know what it is about that stuff.. I pour it on top of the stain, and leave it over night (not sure if that’s necessary, but I do it to be safe!). I dust off the excess, and throw it into the wash.
    Seriously, it works!! I’ve never tried dishwashing detergent, but I could see how that would work too!

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