New York City Trip: Activities & Sights

This post is part of series of posts on my recent trip to New York City the weekend of July 20, 2012. New to the series? Start here.

This was my second visit to New York City with my sister.  The first time we went, it was winter and I was in University and on a tight student budget so we tried to keep our food spending to a minimum. We took the Greyhound and I remember saying if I were to go to NYC again, I was flying. No more falling asleep and waking up with my neck cramping up. We saw a lot of the tourist sites but left out Central Park. That was on the top of my list this time around.

Flying saved us so much time – an hour flight. Amazing! Prior to actually going to NYC, I didn’t do that much research. Well, other than reading about food truck eats and looking up reviews on Yelp. We compiled a long list of possibilities and we marked down a few restaurants on our map. Two activities in our itinerary that were pre-booked were a shopping shuttle service for Woodbury Common Premium Outlet and tickets for the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the Discovery Times Square. We didn’t want to fill up our itinerary with too much stuff because as much as I like scheduling, I also like a bit of room for flexibility.

Terracotta Warriors Exhibit

We had a great time at the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. We took advantage of the audio tour and wandered through the exhibit listening through our headsets.  It started with a brief video about the discovery of the Terracotta Warriors and the emperor’s pre-occupation with trying to find ways to become immortal. Overall, it was a very fascinating exhibit and I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in China.

Woodbury Common was tiring but I got a lot of stuff. How do people shop outlets? We had about 7 hours at the outlet. Pre-selected all the stores we wanted to go to, marked them on a map and wore comfortable shoes. When we got on our shuttle bus and we saw a trio of ladies with a rolling carry-on, we were thinking that looked kind of funny. At the end of the day, when my arms felt like they were about to fall off, I thought to myself, next time get a carry on. Especially because we both had a few pairs of shoes between us. So, the weight was piling on and with the sun beating down on us. We had to cut out some of the stores on our list but we got more out of this shopping trip than we expected. So overall, we were happy. I was happy with the Manhattan Transfer Tours, the shuttle that picked us up from our hotel and dropped us off at Woodbury and would highly recommend it.

We walked along the Brooklyn bridge. It made for lovely photos as the sun was setting.

View of Sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge

Prior to going to New York, I told my sister since we were going to be eating a lot we should balance all that out with some exercise. She was up for it as she wanted to do some running in the park too. I wondered if we would be able to stick to the plan.

Central Park

So the plan was set, run & exercise every morning in Central park. Our appetites would be bigger and we’d be burning off those calories as we ate our way through our list of eats. LOL! What a sweet plan right? And like most things in life, you can only plan so much, there are always unexpected setbacks and some things take longer than you think. It felt like a whole day would pass and I’d think really? We only did that much? A lot of it was spent searching for stores and restaurants we had on our map.

Runners and cyclists in Central Park
Central Park

We only fit in one really brief run in the park with pushups at 8am because it took a lot longer than we thought it would to get up the day after that dreadful first day. The morning we went to Central Park if was a flurry of activity – a running race was going on, people with their dogs, cyclists and recreational runners. Since we had a Terracotta Warriors reservation for 10am we had to make we were feeling tight on time cut our run/work out session very short because we didn’t want to be late for our reservation.  Our days left us completely spent anyways. So for the rest of our trip, we didn’t exercise.

More street shots.

Times Square
Pretty building
Radio City
Apple Store
Walking up 5th Ave
Vertical Parking
Me taking a picture

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