Toronto Food Truck’s at TIFF 2012

From September 7 – 17, 2012 hungry TIFF goers, foodies, food truck lovers/fans can gather in front of Bloor Cinema as there will be a rotating schedule of three food trucks everyday from 7pm – 12am.

My sister sent me this article on Thursday and we made plans to go yesterday. I was excited to see what the Toronto Food Trucks were cooking up. Other than eating chinese food from the Chinese Food truck in front of Robarts and the poutine from the Blue truck outside of City Hall and well ice cream trucks, I haven’t attended any of the Toronto Food Truck events or gone out of my way to hunt one down.

The night before I read this article appropriately titled “Enjoy The Last of Lobster Roll Season” (was this a sign? Ack! I’ll take it!) which only confirmed my choice that this was the time to try the lobster roll. LOL!

When we arrived the first truck – Buster’s Sea Cove had no line. YAY! I’ve had Buster’s Sea Cove fried fish sandwiches from St. Lawrence Market so I knew their food was going to be good. We decided to bypass the fish tacos and shrimp tacos (both of which I was really tempted to get, but wanted to hold back for the Food Dudes).

Buster’s Sea Cove Food Truck
Maine Lobster Roll. We ate half the sandwiches before taking this shot because snapping a shot before we ate slipped our minds. We were obviously hungry.

We tried the Maine Lobster Roll from Buster’s Sea Cove. It was tasty and the bread was buttered and toasted but the lobster filling was cold. It was our fault though because in the excitement of there being no line (we were also hungry.. lol!), we forgot to ask if it was cold or hot & buttered kind… and it was cold. We both prefer sandwiches that are hot (yes, even the fillings). So, next time, I’ll hold back if the lobster roll isn’t the hot & buttered type. I’m sure the shrimp tacos and the fish tacos are mad delicious but I’ll have to try that another time.

Buster’s Sea Cove Menu
Buster’s Sea Cove

When we were waiting for our lobster roll, I ran over to The Food Dudes to take a glimpse of their menu. Their line was starting to grow longer and I took a peak inside their really well lit truck. I noticed the team was huddled together. The same way that I’ve seen football teams huddle together. Anyways, I thought it was really beautiful for them to physically come together and have a huddle before things got crazy. And crazy it got.

Food Dudes

After we placed our orders, this truck had the biggest crowd of people. I really liked how the lady that was taking our orders interacted with customers. She was enthousiastic and charming even with all orders she had to take and the big crowd that had formed. Even though I couldn’t hear all of the conversation that was going on between her and the woman ahead of me, it seemed like the woman ahead of me was a fan. They ended up shaking hands before she took my order. How often do you see that? ^^ LOL! It was really something.

Food connects us all. ❤

Food Dudes Menu

The Food Dudes menu sounded delicious.

They had two small high tables out big enough to hold the forks, chopsticks, and napkins. Gosh, these wooden high tables were beautiful. The edges were tree bark. You’ll catch a glimpse in the photo below. OK, back to the food. Everything was fried. *gulp*

We decided on Mac & Cheese balls off the bat. Then debated about the Sambo’s. I wanted the Captain Crunch Cod taco’s for sure, but we were torn between the veal meatballs or the pork shoulder. We decided in the end on the pork shoulder because when it comes to a steamed bun versus a cheddar jalapeno buttered biscuit… Well, buttered biscuit wins. I was worried the steamed bun could be sort of plain or worse, soggy.

Mac & Cheese Balls. Holy Moly.

The breading was light and did a great job of holding together the mac & cheese inside. The macaroni was chewy, the cheese inside was tasty as well. The sauces on the outside are pesto and tomato – My FAVE combination. Well done Food Dudes!

Captain Crunch Cod Fish Taco’s

I really liked the Captain Crunch breading. I don’t even remember if I’ve ever had the cereal. But man, do you make a good breading. LOL! I really liked the soft shell taco’s because they didn’t have a strong starchy taste, they were a good complement to the orange sauce. I really enjoyed the flavour/texture combination here. The crunchy slaw, the bits of scallion combined with the mystery (I couldn’t figure out what this was but it was sweet) orange coloured sauce and the sour cream and the crunchy taco’s. STELLAR.

Another shot of the Captain Crunch Cod Fish Taco’s on the beautiful wooden high table.
BBQ Pork Shoulder on a beautiful wooden high table.

Above is the picture that shows more of the wooden high table I raved about earlier. Isn’t it just lovely?

BBQ Pork Shoulder on Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuit. Oh my!

The pulled pork (pork shoulder sambo) was our last order. Using a biscuit instead of just a kaiser or ciabatta as I’ve had in the past, was genius. The biscuit was able to absorb the pork sauce drippings but not fall apart as you ate it. At the same time, if you got a bite with less pork, the biscuit was flavourful enough to hold it’s own. The combination was really delicious. The pulled pork was sweet but more acidic than I’ve had in the past. They were quite generous with the amount of pork they gave and I had trouble finishing. At first glance I thought the tempura bits and the smokey garlic mayo were enoki mushrooms. haha

I was extremely happy with the Food Dudes. Everything was piping hot and flavourful.

After all those fried goodies though, I was feeling pretty heavy. I was also surprised that I got full so fast. I was hoping my sister and I would still have enough of an appetite to try something off the last truck. But nope! I guess we just can’t gorge like we used to. I do eat pretty healthy most of the time so when I have fried foods, I really notice the difference but I also appreciate it more when I do indulge because it isn’t a regular thing.

Here’s the schedule of trucks so you can plan your visit accordingly.

If you make it out to try the Toronto Food Trucks during TIFF for the remaining days Sept 9-16, let me know what you try and what you think in the comments.

Otherwise, check out Toronto Food Trucks to keep up to date on where our food trucks are and special events.

What are your favourite food truck or street eats?

Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

– Julie

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