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Good Eats Review: Merryberry Cafe & Bistro

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A few weeks ago, a friend from SF was visiting and a long time friend recommended we try out her friends restaurant in Cabbagetown. Merryberry Cafe & Bistro. It sounded cute. I looked it up online and found the website to be fun and unlike anything I’ve ever seen for a restaurant. I noticed their very extensive drink menu. But didn’t really look too closely at everything else because I didn’t have time that day.

Merryberry Cafe & Bistro Menu

We went for a late lunch on a Saturday a few weekends ago. The decor was colourful and playful. We oohed and aahed over the non-uniform wall paper cutouts. How bold, how daring, I thought to myself. Bold and daring to cut uneven bits of wall paper and not commit to one pattern. And it totally works! The colourful pillows that lined the booth seats really set the mood. Naturally, I went for the booth seats. They always seem cozier. My friend even pointed out how some of the pillows had pockets. Lol! You can tuck a magazine or loose papers inside (like the ones on the back of an airplane seat. 😉

Merryberry Cafe & Bistro: Window

This place had lots of textures and colours and contrast for our senses to absorb that I really had trouble focusing. Lol! I was so excited! If I could have picked out multiple careers to have interior design would probably be one if them. I had to take a few pictures right after I ordered. My visitor even pointed out that he liked the pattern on the wall paper closest to us.., I had to touch it. It felt good to feel the grooves under my fingers.

Beautiful colourful space

You probably know by now that I’m pretty crazy about food but decor excites me too. You can have great food and crappy decor which will attract people that are all about food. But Bad food and nice decor just doesn’t work for me. This place was great food and great decor! A real gem.

Tokyo Fog Tea: Green tea (by Kusmi Tea) with steamed milk and vanilla syrup. This was delicious. Not too milky, not too sweet. I’m also totally loving the green tiles on the table.

I don’t normally have caffeine because I found after reintroducing it during my hypoallergenic diet, I get headaches, even with Green tea and yes, that is annoying. Occasionally, I just drink it anyways and bare with the headache because I do enjoy it. They have a lot of drink options, so next time I’ll have to try something else.

Side Greens. Had this to go with my burger.

Provencal Salmon Burger: Salmon & Roasted Red Pepper

My friend ordered the above and he said it was tasty. I spent a while deciding between the salmon and the veal. I decided on veal (pictured below) in the end because it had bacon and smokey ketchup. Love smokey. 🙂

Smokey The Burger: Veal Burger with Cheese, BLT & Smoky House Ketchup

It has been a while since I’ve had a burger. It was incredible! I LOVE bacon and especially loved the smokey ketchup.

Magic Quinoa Salad: Organic Quinoa with Grapes, Smoked Salmon and Pine Nuts

My friend ordered the above and said she loves it because of the variety of textures and flavours. Those little orange matchsticks in the centre are sweet potatoes!

Chicken Pot Pie & Salad

My other friend had the chicken pot pie and loved it. Actually, we all loved our meals. Everything was wonderful.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

The pie was the perfect ending to a delicious brunch. We loved the strawberry rhubarb and had to fight the urge to order more slices.

White walls adorned with non-uniformly cut wall paper pieces.

In the above photo, notice the cute stencils on the chairs and the branches on the wall? *gush* Also, the colourful pillow in the back with the pocket holding a magazine? Yup! Those are all pillows that line the booth seats.

Merryberry Cafe & Bistro: The Exterior.

I wish I had a cafe like this in my neighbourhood to tuck away in for a bite. It seems like a great place for people of all ages. And it was filled with people of all ages. It felt very comfortable like you were at someone else’s house.

Have you been to Merryberry before? What are your favourite casual cafes and brunch spots? What draws you to places? The food or the decor or both? Please share in the comments.



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