Fall is beautiful

Fall is quite beautiful with leaves changing colours. Red, orange, yellow and light green. This of course happens every fall. But this year, it feels different to me. haha My younger self would be laughing right about now. To be gushing about trees and leaves. I like admiring nature but don’t like managing it. Gardening? Planting? Weeding? Pruning? … No thanks! Maybe when I’m older. For now, I’ll just admire the fruits of other people’s labour.

Leaves in fall.
Beautiful fall colours.
Orange cat.
Red and Green Maple Leaves.

This weekend was a good one. I ate a lot, connected with a good friend, caught up on some emails, did some baking, took some nice walks, and it’s 6pm and I’m writing this blog post. Yay! Normally, I sit down around 10:30pm to start writing or editing. Baby steps. Blogger’s have to fit their writing around their other life duties which is as life is… unpredictable, full of interruptions and surprises. Also, is anyone else feeling sleepy by 9pm? haha I’m feeling old. 🙂

How was your weekend? What do you do during fall?

What are your thoughts?

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