Happy Holidays

When I think of the holidays, the only thing I want is to get together with friends and family and friends and share a meal together. Who am I kidding? A feast!

To get into the Christmas spirit, I went to Lowe’s Christmas Market in The Distillery District with a couple of friends. Here’s a few of snapshots from our night. There was no snow but after a very rainy day we were glad the rain stopped during our visit.




Meatballs and Perogies!


While at the Christmas market, I got some fudge (no picture, gobbled it up too fast) and I got some butter stroopenwafels. Okay, I got two packs. Received them as a gift a couple of years ago and I am HOOKED. Hot tea with a stroopenwafel is my kind of tea break.


I attended a few yummy feasts with family and friends. It’s one of the rare occasions when you find yourself going for a second or more helpings AND dessert. OK. Many desserts, and yes, most of my clothes are feeling too tight.

Christmas Lunch
Hot Pot For Christmas Dinner

This was a pretty relaxing Christmas. Relaxing because I didn’t have to do much preparation or cooking. We went out or went to other people’s homes for meals. I worked every weekday except for about 3 days (2 of which were spent in a crash course 4 day driving school I just finished yesterday – Hurray!!). So technically, I only had Christmas day off from work.

I couldn’t get away from sweets at work especially chocolate. One of my co-workers assembled a lovely chocolate gift basket for our team to share.


We had a Christmas Tree decoration contest at work and here’s my team’s tree. We didn’t win, but it’s okay. A lot of time/love went into making decorations, so I can’t help but feel happy when I look at it. Don’t you love how colourful it is? I love the tiny gift boxes.

Christmas Tree Contest
Chocolates, Baked chocolate cookies from a friend and Christmas Tree

Wishing you a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

– Julie

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