DIY Antibacterial Soft Scrub Cleanser

In late September, I was jumping around on DIY blogs and I ended up on One Good Thing By Jillie. I ADORE her blog. She’s got a ton of great posts and is just one of those blogs that I can probably spend an entire day browsing around laughing at her commentary and in complete awe over the wonderful and very useful ideas she’s sharing. When you’re done reading this post, seriously jump over to hers. It is full of DIY goodness, crafts, recipes, home remedies/solutions and more. The one that stuck out to me was the DIY cleaning solutions. Now, I’ve been using either a 50/50 vinegar-water spray or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning most surfaces and a few quirts of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap in citrus in vinegar/hot water solution for mopping. However, I’ve been wanting to mix things up a little and wondered about whether I could combine my Dr. Bonner’s with baking soda. I didn’t think to take the plunge, until I came across Jillie’s soft scrub cleaner post (She got the recipe from Emily of Live Renewed)

Jillie’s post reminded me of my childhood. Specifically, memories of mixing up concoctions in the bathroom with my sister. We use to like taking lotion and mixing it with baby powder. It was exciting to watch the liquidy texture of lotion change to a stiffer paste with the addition of baking powder. It made us feel like we were creating something new, even though there wasn’t a purpose – that’s the whole point of playtime right? To just play.

I had an empty dish washing detergent bottle I washed and saved from the recycling bin and hadn’t yet given it a purpose yet. I just knew I wanted to use it somehow. This antibacterial soft scrub was it. I grabbed a mixing bowl and followed Jillie’s instructions to a T (except for the vinegar). I recently read about a common green cleaning mistake – not to mix vinegar with castille soap (yikes, I had been adding Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap to my vinegar/hot water solution for mopping – not anymore!). I felt like a kid again mixing away. Yes, making your own cleaning solutions can be fun. I made a double batch and used a funnel to fill the dish washing detergent bottle.



I’ve used this in the tub, on the taps, in the sinks, counter tops and the door knobs. It left our bath tub shiny and I loved the scent as I washed it. It smells just like my yoga mat spray. So if you have ever used a yoga mat spray or tea tree oil, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The scent has really grown on me. 🙂

I’ve been making this about once a week for the past few months. I tried to make a triple batch and store it but I found the mixture would dry up and I’d need to add water to loosen it and I’d end up with globs of white stuff. That was fine. It still cleaned well but I just couldn’t get it to come out of the squeeze bottle without taking the top off.

If however, you want a more liquid solution, I’d recommend just making a batch or double and use within the week.

Do you have any homemade cleaning concoctions to share? What are your go to favourite green cleaning products? What do you use to clean your home?

2 thoughts on “DIY Antibacterial Soft Scrub Cleanser

  1. first i was happy with just regular irish spring.. then i was introduced to dr bromner.. *sigh.. and then onto other stuff from whole foods… now i cant go back to dollarama *sigh

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