Skin Care: Moisturizing Your Face With Oil

Grape seed oil and Jojoba Oil.
Grape seed oil and Jojoba Oil.

My old face moisturizing routine included using a Vichy moisturizer during the winter months and a La Roche Moisturizer during the summer. I started this in university and before that I don’t remember (maybe a cream by Nivea). My face has always been on the normal/combination. I use to have dry areas around my nose and mouth and my forehead was on the shinier side. I would occasionally get pimples around my hairline or around my mouth.

It wasn’t until one cold fall day two years ago, that I applied my Vichy moisturizer after a summer of using La Roche and felt a burning sensation on my cheeks. At first, I didn’t think too much about the burning sensation, reasoning that it was because I took a break from using it in the summer. Then I thought “moisturizers shouldn’t hurt”, I don’t want to get used to this. I wanted something simpler and nourishing for my skin. I went to my local health store and asked one of the associates to recommend a daily moisturizer face cream. Unfortunately, this face cream still left my face with the same dry spots I had when I used my old Vichy moisturizer. I felt like I needed to apply it more than once during the day. I felt like my skin needed something stronger that would absorb into my skin and help it stay moisturized. I didn’t want to have to reapply during the day.

I researched online and learned that we could use oils to moisturize our faces. Just oil? Lotion and creams involve a combination of water and oil, take out the water and all I’m left with is oil. Definitely sounded like this would work. I figured, if I didn’t like it, I could always go back to experimenting with new facial creams. I started using grapeseed oil, then sweet almond oil, and am now using the jojoba oil. I’ve found that my skin looks and feels softer using these oils. Going this route wasn’t just good for my skin but for my wallet too! I use a few drops to cover my entire face.

Naturally, I went into work and couldn’t wait to share it with my two blogger friends. One of them started out with grapeseed oil. The other one tried sweet almond oil and has since made her own DIY moisturizer. I’ll share her link in another post where I talk about my own DIY moisturizer (Stay Tuned! It is on the way!).

Now, you might think it sounds a bit weird to put OIL on your face. Especially because there are products that are suppose to REMOVE oil off our faces (i.e. those oil blotting sheets). However, contrary to popular belief that oil is bad and we need to get rid of it, oil is very good for our skin as it moisturizes it without drying it out. As for which types of oils to use depends on your skin and preference.  There are lots of oils to choose from, I decided to start with these three because my skin was a combination of dry spots and oily areas. I’ve included some of the benefits of each oil. I feel like my skin has become softer and stays moisturized.

Grape seed Oil

  • Great for dry or sensitive skin
  • Light moisturizing oil
  • Helps protect collagen
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Easily absorbed and won’t clog pores
  • Can use on hair and skin

Sweet Almond Oil

  • Good for all skin types
  • Easily absorbed and won’t clog pores
  • Helps retain or restore glow
  • Nourishes skin and keeps it looking soft
  • Improves skin tone and complexion
  • Helps get rid of dark circles under eyes and reduce puffiness
  • Can use on body as well

Jojoba Oil

  • Good for dry skin and oily skin
  • Combating fine lines and wrinkles
  • Very similar properties to sebum 
  • Helps with oil control
  • Won’t clog your pores
  • Can be used on hair and body (dry lips and on cuticles)


After washing and drying my face in the morning, I use few drops of oil (about 1/3-1/2 tsp) and spread it over my face using my fingers or a cotton pad. That’s basically it when it comes to my moisturizing routine. I’ve thought about trying out moisturizing at night too but I haven’t felt the need to.

I’m very happy I made the switch to oils and it was so easy to do. What do you use on your face? What’s your favourite oil? 

Disclosure: I’m not an expert on skin care and everything I’m sharing is based on my experience and what I’ve read online. To be on the safe side, please contact a medical professional for advice prior to experimenting with oils as with any change in skin care regimen, you may experience adverse reactions. Thanks for stopping by.

– Julie

2 thoughts on “Skin Care: Moisturizing Your Face With Oil

  1. I use oil as well, although I was recommended Seabuckthorn oil. It works so much better, and I even find that I don’t have to use it every day! When I feel my face getting dry, I use it for a few days, and my face is amazing. I will look into the oils you’ve tried as well!

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