My Blog-iversary and 28 Facts About Julie

Happy Summer Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the great weather with family and friends.

I celebrated a couple things this past June: My 4 year Blog-iversary on June 26th (WP remembered), my 28th birthday and hence 28 facts. Whether you’re new to my blog or you’ve been a long time reader, you might be wondering more about me. I’ve put this piece together to give you tid bits about me. I had a conversation with my friend Shaza in back in November about this idea (she did hers) and thought it was a good a time as any for me to share as well. These are listed in no particular order.

1. I got my first perm before I started junior kindergarten. I was visiting my family in Taiwan and one of my aunts was concerned about my lack of hair and perhaps lack of volume. I had a big forehead then with very thin hair. She took me for a perm as she wanted my head to look fuller. She probably wanted me to look my best so I could start school looking presentable. I think she was hoping that eventually my hair would grow in and my baby bangs surrounding my forehead would grow out. They haven’t and I still have a big forehead. Take me as a I am. 

2. I spent 8 years without my four front teeth. I was about 3-4 when I was jumping off a chair (for fun) and landed face down on my mouth. I was called all kinds names. Kids can be so mean. When they grew in at 12, I was ecstatic, also got my growth spurt that year… shot up to 4’11. From the shortest kid to the 5th shortest kid. Life was looking up. 

3. I’m a foodie. For me, that doesn’t mean that I gravitate towards fine foods, it means that I enjoy eating and trying different foods, learning about them, reading about how to make them and talking about food. It means that food isn’t just fuel, it is a way to enjoy and live life. Food gets me excited. The possibilities. The flavours. The textures. The stories behind the dishes. If I could have a dream job that incorporated planning, cooking, eating, dining out, learning, writing without having to actually run a restaurant (don’t think it’s for me) all the while allowing myself flexibility to have time with family and friends and take regular vacations without the guilt… well, well that sounds like a dream! SIGN me up! haha

4. There’s really nothing like handwritten cards. It’s the one time that I get to read what another person wrote in their own words what their thoughts are without having to respond right away. They tug at my heart strings. They remind me of why they are thankful for having me in their lives. And they remind me of why I’m thankful to have them.

5. I don’t like change. It’s a truth about me, that I’ve only recently discovered/accepted. Sure, I know that change is inevitable, often necessary for things to improve or grow and it’s only natural in the ebb and flow of life. But I usually feel unprepared/unsettled and wish I had more time to adjust (get my act together) when changes happen that I have no control over but have to accept. I’ve gotten better at it but it’s taken time.

6. I’m a Gemini. From what I’ve read gemini’s are lighthearted and eternally youthful and can be two faced or have dual perspectives. I agree with all of that. I don’t think things are always as easy as black and white. I like to think I can understand and appreciate different perspectives.

7. My MBTI personality type is an ISFJ. This comes as no surprise to me. I have a strong sense of responsibility and duty. I tend to be very in tune with my own feelings and the feelings of others. For the most part I’m warm, considerate and friendly.

8. I did the Strengths Finder Test this year and learnt my top five are: Empathy, Developer, Deliberative, Analytical and Individualization.

9. My favourite foods are french fries and pizza. I also really love home cooked and slow cooked foods. Lasagna, mac and cheese, dumplings, chicken soup, congee, stews, pulled pork, ribs, lamb shank, roasted turkey, roasted chicken and greek roasted potatoes.

10. I have a weakness for Kit Kat and M&M’s Peanuts. I had a lot during university in classes, while studying, and watching movies at home. They are my stress foods along with cake and chips.

11. I love a good noodle dish. Soupy, stir fried, saucey, spicy, no matter how you eat it. Thick, thin, hand pulled, freshly made and hot to order…Deelish!

12. My sister frequently says I do/say things that remind her of Tina Fey’s character “Liz Lemon” on 30 rock: mysterious food stains on my clothes and love for food. I don’t mind, I think she is talented, beautiful and hilarious. The whole package!

13.  I don’t eat sushi or sashimi b/c both contain raw fish and the thought of the uncooked fish making it’s way down my throat or even chewing it grosses me out. I won’t say I’ll never eat it though. I may change my mind one day. I chewed into a piece of maki with raw salmon recently and spat it out bc the texture threw me off  as I was expecting cooked shrimp.

14. I took ballet during all my years of schooling before university. It was hard work and enjoyable because I got to use my body to express music and to see myself progress throughout the years. I completed my RAD intermediate in my last year of highschool. My favourite syllabus was The Grade 8 Award because it involved learning variety of dances and the exam felt like a performance.

15. I don’t play sports or follow any.  I’m the only non-sports watching and non-athletic one in the family.

16. I also hated gym class and being active for the longest time. The only reason I got a gym membership was because all my friends got gym memberships in high school, I could use a some toning and it was something to do. Now, I do it to build strength, tone and offset my eating habits.

17. I watch a lot of TV shows. My current faves: Suits, Homeland, Dexter, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Fringe, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Girls.

18. I love hanging at coffee shops although I don’t drink coffee. Caffeine gives me headaches. I didn’t notice it until I reintroduced it after my elimination diet. Since then, I have caffeinated teas on occasion.

19. Having the operation (this is my by far my most commented post) made me stop and think about my life. The recovery made me appreciate what I had and what I’d like to get out of it.

20. I wish I had a soundtrack to my life and a narrator. Think the show “Scrubs” the early seasons. I just think it would be some kind of wonderful. While we’re at it, the ability to say “cut” and freeze time, and do-overs. I’d also like the ability to fly.

21. If I could get away with it, I would love to have time for meditation, journalling, yoga, BCBD, delicious home cooked meals, playing with cats, and hanging with my favourite people everyday. While we’re at it, perhaps some junkie treats too.

22. I can spend hours chatting with a good friend. I can go months, years without seeing someone and pick up right where we left off. I don’t have many close friends but for me it’s always been about the quality of my relationships rather than the quantity. I love them all dearly. I feel so lucky to know them. They are all special in their unique ways.

23. I’m indecisive. It’s hard for me to pick favourites. I told someone that my favourite colours are purple and green. But also, blue, yellow, teal and coral. She said to me, ok, that’s like all the colours.

24. I love cats. These furry animals make my heart sing. When I pass one that stops to purr and play with me, my whole world stops.

25. If I had heard about no poo in highschool or university, I’m pretty sure I would’ve said “That sounds gross”. After finally trying it out, I realized I actually kind of like it. It has been over a year since I started and other than dabbling in shampoo these past couple of months, I’ve been no poo for the most part.

26. As a young child I use to wish I was a musical prodigy. I loved watching movies with Shirley Temple and I wanted to be a triple threat. My top 3 careers in grade 6 was actor, singer and dancer. Even though I didn’t become a star, I did get opportunities to perform. I was part of a competitive choir in Highschool and sang at Massy Hall as part of a huge multi-school choir. It felt incredibly powerful. I have the urge to sing sometimes while watching musical performances. But I don’t want to be THAT girl. lol! And I might sound better in my head than in reality.

27. I can make my ears wiggle without touching them. Just sort of figured it out while in the dining room of Voices Camp in Grade 7. HAHA. I remember focusing on raising my eyebrows and pulling back my ears. I did it enough times that they started to move. Since I wear glasses, I can see my glasses moving back and forth too.

28. Starting this blog was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I get nervous before clicking publish every time. I love getting comments and hearing feedback from others. I love reading other people’s blogs. It is crazy how much work can go into one post before it gets published. Thank you loyal followers and stumblers. 🙂

Did you get all the way to the bottom? Thank you for reading all the way through. 

Now, tell me about yourselves. Don’t be shy. Share your questions/thoughts in the comments or via your blog and comment and link back to your post. 

Would love to hear from you. 🙂

– Julie

5 thoughts on “My Blog-iversary and 28 Facts About Julie

  1. When I was 4 my mom gave me a perm before coming to Canada. I assume it’s because she thought Canadians (white people) had curly hair. I ended up with an afro for most of kindergarten since my hair was long. And I vaguely remember your missing front teeth in grade 4! I never thought anything of it. Crazy…

    1. That’s funny about the afro in kindergarten. I was 9 in grade 4.. I’m starting to think maybe they grew in that year instead of when I was 12. OOPs. lol!
      I’d have to dig through pictures to confirm that.

  2. LOVE this!! I especially love the Scrubs comment. I loved that show, and always thought it would be pretty awesome to have my own narrator and music! I feel like I need to wite a blog like this.

    1. I pretty much liked all the seasons before they brought in the interns (stopped watching then). I love JD & Zach Braff’s films. His goofiness and daydreams in Scrubs really got me hooked. Yes, please do a blog like this. It was a lot of fun! I’d love to read yours. 🙂

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