About Julianna

Hello and Welcome to my blog!

I’m Julianna and I am from Toronto, Ontario. After a few years of reading blogs and developing a lot of respect for the hardworking people behind them, I decided to take the plunge and join the blogging community in January 2010. It was a difficult thing to do as I didn’t know what I should focus on but I felt like this could be a good way to express myself in writing and instead of just digesting the blog content of others, to join the community by sharing with others.

My hope is that this will be a place for me to express my thoughts, share my feelings, experiences and interests. A big one being food. I am always thinking about what I’ll be eating next. I love hearing about what people’s favourite dishes are, the stories behind them and their favourite places to go. I’ve always been crazy about food (it runs in the family) and have always been inspired by food blogs where food lovers in their own unique way weaved stories with recipes. The same goes for independent eateries, I have a lot of respect for hard working people who were daring enough to open up their own establishments to feed others and share their passion for food.

Up until 6 years ago, I barely spent any time in the kitchen. Since graduating university, I’ve pushed myself in there because I think it’s an important skill to know how to prepare your own meals, to understand the work that is involved and thus have a greater appreciation when I eat out. A big motivator for me to get into the kitchen was my weight and my student debt. After my boyfriend at the time recommended me to a blog he liked, I started to jump around and explore other blogs. I found lots of inspiration and learned a lot about cooking, tackling debt and living a simpler life from blogs.

As a result, I’ve become more conscious of what I’m eating, more appreciative of what I have and more excited to learn how to cook better. I have had various stages in my life where I was trying to lose weight or incorporate fitness in my life, I developed a love for fitness which you will hear more about on here as well.

Now enough about me, how about you? Tell me about yourself. I’m happy you’ve found yourself here.

3 thoughts on “About Julianna

  1. “I love food, people and cats…. I enjoy strolling, playing with cats on the street.” These were the words that brought me to your blog! Love it! Food and cats are easily my favorite things in the world and I have a habit of taking “cat walks” around various neighborhoods just to pet other people’s cats (even though I have two of my own at home). =)

    1. Hello Jessamine! Great to meet another cat & food lover! No matter how busy I am, when I’m walking on the street and a cat is nearby, time sort of just stops. I love petting them and just watching them roll around. It makes me very happy.

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